5 Tips For Being A More Professional Leader

A leader isn’t always right, and doesn’t have all the answers. If you’re approaching your manager roll with this mindset, it is time to make some changes. It is true that a managerial position comes with a lot of pressure, and you may even feel obliged to adopt a facade of omnipotence. But presenting yourself as infallible is the quickest road to a disgruntled workforce.

A few quick tips will not only make you as a manager feel less pressured, but also ensure that your workforce respects and trusts you. As long as you keep in mind that you’re not expected to be a ruthless enforcer, but rather a wrangler that keeps a locomotive on the tracks, you’re on the right path to being a blessing, and not a burden.

An Unbiased Peacekeeper

As with parents, managers don’t have favourites. A workforce that feels like some are treated better than others, and that benefits are only extended to a select few, is quickly going to fall apart. A good manager is unbiased in all circumstances, does not take sides in a conflict, and always hears both sides of the story. But a good leader also knows when it’s time to make a final decision. Firm but fair is the motto that every overseer should live by, including you.

A Supporter, Not A Burden

A good leader knows that their workforce is capable, and trusts that tasks will be completed on time. A bad leader will hang over shoulders, micromanage every step of a project, and land up being more of a burden than a helping hand. Delegation means handing a task over, and being available if support is needed. It doesn’t mean cracking a whip, or pushing for unreasonable timelines. It is a good idea to keep a workforce striving to be better, not insisting that they unnecessarily work to exhaustion.

Open Door Policy

The term open door policy is thrown around a great deal, and often misunderstood. Having an open door doesn’t mean that you’re theoretically available, but that most employees can’t be bothered, since you won’t listen regardless. An open door policy means, above all else, that you will listen even when you are playing at online casinos in NZ.

As Flawed As Everyone Else

Being a manager absolutely doesn’t mean you’re beyond fault. If you make a bad call, you are expected to own up to it. Do so loudly and publically, and promise to do better. If you expect others to learn from their mistakes, you are required to do the same. Of course.

A Friend And A Motivator

Lastly, you are not required to constantly distance yourself from your workforce. Understanding employees and being their friends isn’t a bad idea. What is a bad idea is being so casual as to no longer be respected. A manager that hangs out all day, cracks jokes, and is a disruption will quickly stop being seen as an asset. A friend can understand boundaries, still hold a position of authority, and be a motivational force.

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