Five E-commerce Trends in 2021

On the Internet, things move fast and change quickly: E-commerce trends are no exception. In 2021, some techniques have already marked a before and after, and others are promising and deserve our attention. To keep you up to date, here are some E-commerce trends for 2021.

More secure payment

In 2021, security is all the rage. What do you mean?

For this year, the European Union is putting consumer protection first by proposing to strengthen the security of online payments by credit card by imposing new technical standards. For an entrepreneur who owns e-commerce, it is obviously essential to keep abreast of the progress of things.

Stay informed of planned developments. If you do not have the skills required to update the techniques of securing your site, do not hesitate to call on a professional webmaster, to put all the chances on your side, and stay in the trend … and legality!

Personalized delivery

Ask any consumer on the internet: if there is one thing that can be improved when it comes to e-commerce, it’s the delivery method.

Shopping online can be a huge time saver. However, the consumer wants to be able to control the terms of delivery.

Online stores are increasingly offering different choices so that the customer can choose the delivery method that suits them. It is therefore imperative to line up to stay in the race.

Choose relay partners who allow customers to choose the place and time of delivery.

More ethical e-commerce?

This is a more than positive development: consumers in 2021 attach a lot of importance to the values ​​of a company.

Take advantage of the showcase offered by your e-commerce to showcase your company’s history in complete transparency.

Explain to consumers what is important to you as an entrepreneur.

Highlight your ecological products. Before purchasing supplies, your customer will have the reflex to compare your offer with that of competitors: a more ethical offer could tip the scales in your favor.

Make way for web-design

Web-design also has its place in e-commerce, and not the least.

It’s proven: the design of your website can be enough for consumers to form an opinion about your business. In 2021, the trend is towards minimalism and asymmetry: create a simple and effective, modern visual, play with shapes and colors. To stay on-trend, we will also advise you to favor round fonts, and in bold, for the titles of your categories.


As the name suggests, omnichannel is all about selling your products across multiple channels. The principle is to leave as many choices as possible to customers – as you will have understood, this is an essential perspective for the e-merchant of 2021.

Sell ​​on your online store, on your social networks, on marketplaces, in physical points of sale … Do not hesitate to make your online presence more diversified, by using larger marketplaces, such as Amazon.

Internet is vast! Make the most of this incredible chance 2021 entrepreneurs have to reach more and more people.

Now that you know a little more, it’s your turn! Stay tuned for changes and put the odds on your side to stay in the trend of 2021, and make your e-commerce a cutting-edge store.

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