Five ideas for finding new customers

Once a business is launched, if there is one thing that is essential for it to run, it is the customers! Finding more and more is not easy, and it often requires putting in place effective marketing strategies. To help you develop your own strategy, here are 5 ideas for finding new customers.

Emailing campaigns

Carrying out emailing campaigns is a proven marketing method. It is about targeting a clientele that interests you and doing an a posteriori analysis of the returns of this campaign. So study the results obtained by your emailing campaign to determine its effectiveness and adjust your strategy. The important points to analyze are:

– The click-through rate from your emails
– Increase in traffic to your site during the campaign
– The increase or decrease in the number of subscribers to your emailing list
– Increasing the number of new buyers on your site.

After analyzing this data, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your emailing campaign and adapt it, always to increase your number of subscribers, and, in fact, the number of your customers.


Forging partnerships with other businesses can be an extremely effective solution to attracting new customers to your site.

The idea is to work in collaboration with companies whose activity is related to yours, a direct link: if a customer is interested in your services or products, they are likely to be interested in theirs as well.  By referring your customers to your partners, conversely, you will create a beneficial collaboration for both sides.

Get in touch with the companies with which you wish to collaborate, and you will thus establish direct communication with their customers, to widen yours.

Once the partnership is in place, be sure to assess the benefits for your business, to adjust your strategy if it does not seem profitable enough to you.

Customer recommendations

What better ambassador for a company than a satisfied customer? Customer reviews on the Internet are the new word of mouth. Do not neglect the impact that a positive comment can have on a potential future customer: it can be decisive in their passage to the act.

To be able to take advantage of the power of customer recommendation, encourage your satisfied customers to share their satisfaction on your various networks. Think for example of highlighting the comments of customers who have solved a problem, those with whom you had a pleasant contact, those who thanked you warmly for your services …

A company with good customer reviews, demonstrating the enthusiasm of satisfied consumers, will be much more attractive to your potential future buyers!

The events

Here is a strategy as old as the world, and which has also proved its worth in more than one way! To attract new customers, and make them discover your company, your products, your services, and your values, organize events.

Your already engaged community will thus be energized, by sharing and with you a convivial moment. Invite customers, but also your partners, prospects, friends, and encourage each guest to come accompanied. This will promote your business to more people, and create new customers.

Regarding the events, it’s up to you to see what it seems to you the most advisable to organize. We can suggest that you organize a buffet, for example, and activities and workshops to allow guests to discover your business in a fun and pleasant way.

Content marketing

If the events concern a limited number of individuals, content marketing can allow you to think bigger.

Create a blog section on your website, and start writing articles with targeted themes to generate traffic on your site and expand your customer base. Content marketing can also go through all your other communication platforms, such as your newsletter, your social networks, etc. The idea is to target as much as possible the customers who might be interested in your business, by publishing only relevant content.
Now that you have some ideas, put in place your own strategy to develop your customer base! Good work!

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