Top online business ideas to launch in 2021

With the Covid crisis, more and more people dream of working 100M from their home. With new technologies, setting up an online business provides access to this dream. However, in order to successfully establish yourself and create a profitable business, it is important to know which business to start with? So here are some ideas to help you in this project.

Coaching professions

Whether you are or feel the soul of sharing knowledge, all coaching professions are in vogue. Whether it is to give private lessons in different subjects or to support personal development or support of all kinds (sport, finances, etc.), this type of business can pay off big for you.

Jobs around content distribution

Creating a blog

You are a computer pro and you love to write, layout. You may be interested in blogging. As long as you like to keep up to date with the latest news. There are many ways to make money from a blog. While of course there is the possibility of requesting a financial contribution to access it, it is also possible to earn money without your readers paying anything. You will then have to learn about affiliation, advertising, partnership with major brands.

Youtuber, Writer, photographer

Not everyone is a budding writer, but why not? Many platforms allow you to publish your writing without paying any money. You prefer to make outstanding videos, many people have managed to make themselves known thanks to Youtube. In addition, thanks to Google advertising or other advertising, you can monetize your Youtube channel. For those who would be passionate about photography, the field of shooting or video can be an avenue to explore.

Writer, proofreader, translator, transcriptionist

Many sites are looking for people to write blog posts, sites, reviews. After that, it all depends on your language proficiency skills. The job of a proofreader can also be interesting. Also, if you have foreign language skills, why not offer your skills as a translator. Another lead, sometimes people look for transcriptionists of videos or shows. It’s about going from a video or a show to a written transcript.

Design professions

Web designer, Graphic designer, site developer, video editor

You also have the possibility of putting yourself at the service of a blogger to carry out the graphics part, layout… Nothing prevents you, if you have skills in the medium, to set up your self-business as a graphic designer or web designer. Many people are looking for this type of work. To go further, you can specialize in photo and video editing.

SEO consultant

Putting a site online, but above all referencing it correctly, is not given to everyone. Today, with the competition, it is essential to have a properly referenced site to make yourself known. If you have skills in the field, then offer this service among others.

Designer of applications, games

If you are a computer pro and a fan of games, you can try the adventure of creating a game or an application.

Sales professions

Sell ​​your products or services

The Covid has accentuated this trend. But creating an e-commerce site can pay off a lot. However, we must find the right vein, the innovative idea. Besides, a great deal of IT and business knowledge is required. When we think about the sale of products, we must also think about the services that we can offer. For example, why not offer services such as the organization of events (weddings, events, etc.)

Sell ​​other people’s products

Some companies are looking for staff to sell their wares. Your role will be to respond to customers, to guide them on the buyer’s site, to advise them. No need to know the product in advance, the company that will offer you this job will train you in product knowledge

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