Starting a New Business? Kick-Off Your Efforts with Laminated Postcards

If you’re starting a new business, say a restaurant or bakery, you might find that attracting customers is easier said than done. Even if you offer great food and a wonderful experience, customers may fail to take notice. Fortunately, you can supercharge your efforts and raise awareness with laminated postcards.

Back in 1990, many mailboxes were stuffed to the gills with junk mail. You might open your mailbox to fix dozens of letters and adverts. These days, mailboxes are less crowded. That’s not because direct mail is ineffective, but instead because companies have turned to other methods, such as email marketing and social media.

Both email marketing and social media marketing, among other digital marketing strategies, are quite effective. However, now that mailboxes are less cluttered than before, direct mail is perhaps more effective than ever before.

Since there are simply fewer pieces in a mailbox, the chances of a customer paying attention to your mailer are increased compared to years past. Of course, getting the customer’s attention is only the start. Once you get them to notice you, you have to make a great impression. That’s where laminated postcards come in. With the right mailers and postcards, you can entice customers to visit your business.

Going back to the original thought experiment, let’s say you’re opening a coffee shop in Atlanta, Tampa, or wherever else. You could send laminated postcards to people in your neighborhood, inviting them to stop by for a free cup of coffee.

With the right branding and graphic design, you can create postcards that look professional, inviting, and also enticing. And with good deals, you might get customers to swing by. Once customers see how great your coffee is, they might share their experience on social media or recommend your shop to friends.

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