The Versatility of Aluminium: Properties and Application

Aluminum is a highly useful material. Aluminum extrusion allows aluminum to be applicable in virtually every part of our lives. The aluminum extrusion process creates specific shapes. Mini Tech Extrusion creates customizable aluminum extrusion according to the use of the aluminum. But what makes aluminum such a versatile material?

Properties of Aluminum

These are some properties of aluminum that make it very versatile and usable among an extended range of applications.

Heat Conductivity

Aluminum conducts heat better than steel by a factor of four. The ability of aluminum to conduct heat efficiently makes it very useful across industries. For example, heating and cooling devices of computers, audiovisual systems, and electronics use aluminum: pharmaceutical thawing units, nuclear reactors, condenser tubes, air conditioning, and automobile reactors.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant

In addition, aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant without additional treatment due to aluminum oxide’s naturally occurring thin protective film on its surface. Hence, aluminum extruded material is ideal for building fences, safety guards, and other outdoor structures.

Non – Magnetic

Furthermore, aluminum is non-magnetic. So, aluminum is the best material of choice anywhere magnetics fields are involved, or delicate magnetic devices are in use. It is also extruded and used in coaxial cables and wires.

Highly Reflective

The highly reflective characteristic of aluminum extrusions makes them useful for shielding products or areas from light, radio waves, or infrared radiation.

Flexibility and Ability to Withstand Pressure

Extruded aluminum retains strength and flexibility under high pressure springing back from the shock of impact, making it very useful in construction as it can resist distortions by weather and the movement of the building. Aluminum extrusions make railings, building facades, and bleachers because they are stiff and lightweight, making them weightless and supporting much more weight. They also make ladders on construction sites.

Examples of Aluminum Extrusion Application

These are some applications where aluminum extrusion is applied.

Transportation Industry

In the transportation industry, there is a huge demand for lightweight automobiles. Aluminum is the ideal material to build these automobiles as its strength-to-weight ratio is the best there is. Also, the demand for aluminum extrusion explodes in the automobile industry, making cars, boats, trucks, railway, and subway cars. They also make engine blocks, chassis, roof nails, panels, transmission housing, and bodies of vehicles.

Display Equipment

Walk through any trade show or exhibition, and the display equipment there is made out of aluminum extrusion. Aluminum is highly used in such events because different designs can interlock, making it easy and quick to assemble.

The lightweight aluminum makes the equipment light and easy to move around. The shiny nature of aluminum makes it appealing and can stay shiny for a long time, without the need to treat it, as it doesn’t rust.


Again, walk into any factory, and it is almost a guarantee that you will find them using aluminum extrusions in many different ways. From workbenches to inspection tables, carts and machine guarding. It is ideal in this environment as it is easy to cut and drill, still, lightweight, easy to modify. Additionally, while used as machine guards, it is very clear and easy to see a critical safety measure.

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